3 ianuarie 2014


Exactly one year ago I've received an email. I think it was one of the most important emails of last year. It contained a poem of what would become one of my dearest compositions ever. A composition that I was able to write entirely with my heart (of course, after figuring out the form :) )
I thought about this verses a lot, many months. I had other composition to write at that time, with  firm deadlines, but somehow this was constantly on my mind.
I think this is why, although I was very stressed when I wrote it, I have achieved a sense of continuity of feelings that is my goal every time I write music.

 Here is the Poem. By amazing singer Anat Spiegel.
Through the dark water of debris emerges the island of plastic entanglements
carried placidly through circumstances
the foam has no eyes
the fin is bodiless
Wrinkled petroleum necks sway in slow motion
light clicks on their heavy tongues
light clicks on their heavy tongues
forever dancing
banging their heads

Back on the land there is nothing but a dream of a land
Landing strip
My finest genital hair is trimmed to a spade

 And here's the music.

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