4 mai 2015

Andrei Gavrilov: Class and Masterclass

Piano. My first love.  I still love piano, deeply, even if  I've cold blooded killed my inner pianist -  for composition.
This also what maestro Andrei Gavrilov,the wonderful and original  russian Switzerland based pianist, is doing with his students: he kills and ressurects them, just for the love of  the great music they're playing. Because, of  course „ Nobody cares about your feelings! Play Prokofiev/ Beethoven/Chopin”.
It is so rare to see such a profound respect for the written score, and, in the same time, a perfect dosage of dynamics: a forte in Chopin's third Sonata is monumental, a tsunami!  but in a Rachmaninov prelude sometimes the same indication  could be too much and you need to hold back.
And, most of all, there's the dynamics of feelings.
Right before my eyes, students became artists in just 20/30 minutes.
Just by changing the point of view. „Is here by any chance piano? asked Eliza. MMM...you should play fortissimo! replied Andrei. And everything cleared up just like after a good rain.
 Andrei Gavrilov speaks in images, tells stories about the great composers, (Mozart is the Michael Jackson of classical music!)  paints his students the whole eras they should impersonate and by charging them with information, helps them to break free into the world of a music, that, by his saying, is quite castrated by the shitty academics we're taught at a young age.

Thank you Andrei Gavrilov for being free and generous. For reminding me why I love piano. And for  letting our hearts float towards the beauty of music and life.

                                  Eliza Gabriela Puchianu and Andrei Gavrilov playing Chopin. © Sabina Ulubeanu 2015

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